Do I actually get asked these questions a lot? Somewhat, but I mostly want to get on a soapbox.

What’s this blog built atop?

Jekyll, git, and some custom hooks and small scripts gleaned from another blogger’s workflow, written in vim. You can read all about it on this very blog.

Which Linux Distro?

I prefer CentOS for any server I want to just work without any fuss, Mint for friends new to Linux, Arch or Gentoo if I’m feeling edgy, Debian for pet projects, and Kali for research.

Can I re(print|blog|post) an article from this blog?

Sure, just attribute it to me. If you’re reprinting something in a third-party publication, I’d like a heads-up and request for permission as well.

What qualifies you to write about this stuff?

I have a great deal of experience with a wide variety Linux distributions, and have been a part of the open source community for a long time. I’ve been involved in IT, systems engineering, and security for a while now as well.

I wouldn’t call myself an expert per se, but I try to submerge myself sufficiently in different technologies and topics to the extent that I feel competent enough to educate/explain concepts to others.

I’d love to get any additional insight others may have, so feel free to either comment on relevant posts on this blog or contact me directly with additional feedback, corrections, or general inquiries.