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I am currently on an elective sabbatical after a successful stint working at two private companies that underwent rapid growth from late startup stage to publicly traded.

Although I am not actively looking for full-time employment, if:

you can reach out. I’m on LinkedIn.


Most items listed in reverse chronological order.


Both companies that I worked for post-graduation have gone on to have successful public debuts. I don’t know what that implies about my own virtue as a good luck talisman, but the pattern certain seems to suggest you might be wildly successful if I work for you. Conduct yourself accordingly.


I started at Elastic in late 2014 and departed seven years later in 2021. I filled many roles during my time at Elastic, from typical infrastructure/devops work (building configuration management, operating in public clouds, automation for infrastructure and internal engineering) to software engineering (maintained some config management libraries and internal software projects) to larger projects to people management.

Some of the more significant work includes: overhauling the distribution of software artifacts via CDN, architecting a large kubernetes-based platform, operating a non-trivial number of high-traffic, very visible public services, and managing a team of engineers.


I started at Qualtrics on a small operations team that managed a wide range of responsibilities from racking hardware and provisioning physical datacenters to plain old fashioned software engineering. My proudest achievement is laying the groundwork for an OSS-based, automation-inclined, and successful operational platform based on KVM and libvirt.

Some of the technologies I worked closely with include Puppet, Elasticsearch, Docker, Jenkins, Python, Sensu, Nagios, MySQL, Akamai, and basically all the types of hardware you’d use in a colocation.


SouthEast LinuxFest 2017
Open Source 101 2017
SouthEast LinuxFest 2016
DevOpsDays Charlotte 2015
OpenWest 2015



An Arch Linux post-installation hook that checks for running system daemons that reference outdated shared library file handles.


Apply sentiment analysis to text fields as a logstash filter plugin.


Older PoC project to experiment with automated security checks.



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