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  • 19 July, 2012
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Another blog to read, why not?
Another blog to read, why not?

Putting together all the moving pieces to get this blog to work the way I wanted took a little while. In the interest of sharing how I did it in case this helps others, I thought I’d share the approach I took.


So, here’s the way it goes down:

How bout them details

The git workflow

I owe most of this workflow to somebody else. Go there in order to learn about how the working copies, hub, and prime repositories are set up. Mine is set up exactly this way, with the added cog in the machine that is jekyll.

It is worth noting that although I’m using this workflow, the only change I had to make was to append this to my .gitignore:

$ tail -n1 .gitignore

That’s it. The rest works exactly as described in the previously mentioned post.

The jekyll side

Although the site now resides comfortably in a git repository, the issue of site generation is still with us. First let’s look at the set up:

So, what does this create? Why, good sir, the following workflow:

$ git pull ty@sharedhost:~/repo/blog.git blog
$ cd blog/

... Make edits, change CSS, eat cake ...

$ git add -p
$ git commit
$ git push origin master

What happens next is this:

Nice, huh? For anyone who may wonder why this seemingly involved process is the route I took:

Overall this system has worked very well and I’m quite happy with it.