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If this is the first time you’ve come to my personal home page, you may want to read this. Or just carry on bravely.

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An Exercise in Weak Random Seed Exploitation

04 April 2014

Last weekend I participated in a capture-the-flag event sponsored by Bishop Fox and ran by students at BYU. Following the event I decided that it may be fun to try and crack the scoring software itself – so I’ve written up the process here to explain how I put the exploit together.

Docker DVWA Container How-To

02 March 2014

Docker is an interesting cgroups-based virtualization alternative that uses containers to deploy applications.

Yet Another Vim Setup

25 December 2013
Sample screenshot editing my .vimrc
Sample screenshot editing my .vimrc

Vim is an excellent text editor. I’ve used it for many years and like most vim users, have collected a fairly large collection of settings in my .vimrc and learned how to grok my vim usage effectively through a lot of trial and error.

To that end, I’ve tried to assemble a useful overview of my experience with vim.

Raspberry Pi XBMC How-To

29 December 2012
The final product
The final product

A while back I finally got my 512MB revision 2 model Raspberry Pi to successfully run OpenELEC. The picture to the right shows it running, using a shared network mount to access all of my media files.

Some folks requested a write-up detailing how I put everything together, so I’m going to try and provide a generalized walkthrough for those with the initiative to do something like this. Although I’m not assuming you’re a Linux guru, there’s some technical aspects to this - but it’s worth the effort.

The blog zygote

19 July 2012
Another blog to read, why not?
Another blog to read, why not?

Putting together all the moving pieces to get this blog to work the way I wanted took a little while. In the interest of sharing how I did it in case this helps others, I thought I’d share the approach I took.

In which I make a blog

12 June 2012

This is, hopefully, the beginning of my personal blog entries. I’ve started to blog several times over the years and only gotten this far. We’ll see how this attempt turns out.

I want to write my personal thoughts on here, technical discussions about computing, and pictures of cats in top hats if I have the resources to spare.

My email address is at the bottom of the site. If you want to give me any sort of feedback, go for it.

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